Nicola Johnston

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Nicola JohnstonHi, I am Nicola and I am an accredited professional coach with a background in psychology applied to organisational, team and personal development. I am an expert in both personal and professional wellbeing and performance.

My approach to providing coaching services is simple. I believe that we all need a little external objective professional support from time to time to help us better understand what’s going on for us in our professional and personal lives. If you were a professional sports person or singer it is likely that you would have your own coach to help you give the best performance ever….so why should it be any different for the rest of us when we wish to improve the way we live and work and move towards a happier and more meaningful life?

I am inspired by nature and have some of the best times in my life simply being outdoors, whether that’s walking in the countryside, practicing yoga in the open air, beachcombing on some windswept coastline or simply enjoying a quiet contemplative cup of tea in my garden listening to the birds.

I feel that being in nature helps me to be the best I can be …it plays a huge role in my personal wellbeing. When times have been tough…and like most people I have had a few challenges…being in nature has given me quiet space to access my inner world of values, mindset, needs and goals and to make more mindful choices about how I want to live my life. In short it has helped me to change my story and change my life.

Supported by first class credentials I am able to use my 30 year business and personal experience to make a positive difference to my clients. My natural style is collaborative, non-judgmental and patient, and I approach every coaching assignment with curiosity, compassion and a clear coaching process where expectations and roles are shared and desired outcomes are established.

While qualifications aren’t everything they do offer reassurance that you can place your trust and investment in someone who has and continues to invest in their own personal and professional development, so please click here to see mine.

My Approach to Business

  • I invest time in getting to know my clients and their preferences for learning;
  • A working partnership built on trust, feedback, constructive challenge and confidentiality;
  • I am sensitive to the impact of change on wellbeing and offer expert help to manage stress;
  • I operate within professional standards and ethical guidelines in everything I do;
  • I invest in my own development through ongoing supervision and participation in learning events.