Wellbeing and Stress Management

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  • Are you so exhausted all you really want to do is crash on the weekends?
  • Do you need practical tips to deal with anxiety?
  • Are you always worrying about work…even in your personal time?
  • Do you suffer ‘brain freeze’ and can’t think straight?
  • Is 24/7 technology ruling your life?
  • Do you have poor work life balance?
  • Is your life full of should do’s, must do’s and ought to’s?

How Can I Help?

This area of my practice focuses on wellbeing and stress management. It was established in response to witnessing so many of my clients dealing with stress at work, which in turn impacted on their performance, wellbeing, relationships and sense of meaning in life.

I believe that by working with you in nature it encourages a more mindful approach to your wellbeing, and places you in a better space to work on managing your stress and building your personal resilience. So whatever challenges you bring to coaching there is already an added value in taking coaching out of the office or consulting room and into a more natural setting.

I offer 1-to-1 coaching programmes where I tailor a solution to help my clients deal with the challenges they face in life.

I also offer companies management and team training sessions in stress management and resilience and its impact on wellbeing and performance, where I work with you to design a solution that meets the needs of your people.

Core areas of my work include:

  • Wellbeing review and planning;
  • Raising awareness of what stress and how its impact mind and body;
  • Physiological strategies including relaxation methods and breathing techniques;
  • Helpful and unhelpful thinking styles;
  • Understanding the difference between healthy and unhealthy levels of stress;
  • Mindset and readiness for change;
  • Dealing with technology overload;
  • Imagery skills;
  • Behavioural strategies including assertiveness training, time management and planning skills;
  • Building personal resilience.

Our clients have included:

  • Individuals who have contacted us directly for some help during a stressful time at home or work;
  • Individuals who have been referred to us by their Human Resources Department;
  • Managers looking to develop an understanding of how stress impacts upon themselves and their people;
  • Small teams seeking to understand how they as individuals and as a group can increase their performance through healthier working practices.


I chose to work with Nicola to help me make the switch from a 30 year career in HR to retirement. I was conscious of ensuring that I was prepared for the changes in my life, and also in ensuring that I invested time in my own wellbeing especially as I have caring responsibilities for an elderly parent. She helped me to put in a realistic plan for making the transition from a busy working life to a happy and fulfilling retirement, as well as helping me to put boundaries in place with others, to ensure I was thinking about me and what I want out of the next phase of my life. Nicola and I had our coaching sessions in the grounds of a local National Trust property, and walking and talking outdoors really lifted my spirits and helped clear my mind. Just being in nature was very calming as was Nicola’s kind demeanour and respectful but incisive questioning. Crucially we always concluded our sessions with tea and scones in the café!


Former Senior HR manager, Private Sector